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About eGov PH

The eGov PH, also known as the e-Government Philippines, is a mobile application that simplifies transactions between the government and citizens. With a vision to build a connected nation, this platform integrates the multi-sectoral government through a one-stop online system that will minimize economic cost for the citizens.

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Our Key Features

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Citizen-Centric Platform

Serves as a Partner of the People: ensuring transparency and integrity towards improving people’s well-being

In every venture, the government places the benefit of the citizens on the pedestal as the primary objective. With the eGov PH, the services are ensured to be aligned to life essential needs and to be provided with avenues to hear the voices of people. This App allows inclusivity and empowerment across the nation; no individual being left behind.

The Ease of Doing Business Law
The Ease of Doing Business Law

Integrated eGovernment Services

One-Stop Shop of Public Services: covering both national and local government levels in a single avenue

Housed in a single mobile application, the citizens will now have an easy access to various government online services and information: covering across local and national level of public agencies. Made possible through the collaboration of all agencies, the eGov PH is a proof of pursuing a one digitized government to provide the Filipino people with the best services deserved.

Streamlined Government Transactions

Enhances existing processes: reducing the transaction costs between the government and the people

As easy as with few clicks, government services can be accessed anytime and anywhere: from beginning a transaction and up to payment completion. Taking full advantage and techniques, we press on for a nation with accelerated public service efficiency.

The Ease of Doing Business Law

Redefining Government with Digital Transformation

As the government utilizes the possibilities of technology, this is to introduce the eGov PH Super App: motivated with the objective to establish a Digital Philippines through the adoption of Digital Transformation systems and solutions, spearheaded by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (Republic Act 10844: The DICT Act of 2015). Designed to pursue a whole-of-government approach, the Department seeks to be a partner with every member of the government body for an enhanced and stronger service to the citizens (Republic Act No. 11032: Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018).

With this innovation, truly, the future holds a promising direction for the nation!

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