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The Terms and Conditions contained herein on this mobile application (the “App”) shall govern your use of this App, including all pages to which you may be redirected. These terms apply in full force and effect to your use of this App. Your personal data, whenever provided within the App shall be processed and shall be governed by the provisions of the Republic Act (RA) No 10173 or the Data Privacy Act of 2012, and all other applicable laws. Whenever used herein, “App Owner” shall mean DICT.


By registering in the App, you warrant that you are duly authorized to register, request access, and supply information on your behalf. The App Owner may, at its sole discretion, request additional or supporting documents to prove such authority.

You also warrant that all information supplied is verified, true, and correct to the best of your knowledge.


Through registration and  by having access to the App, you hereby warrant that the App shall only be used  for the following purposes:

  •  Registration for e-government services
  • To monitor e-government services status
  • Any other e-services that will be offered by the government in collaboration with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT)


  • You are expressly and emphatically restricted from all of the following:
  • Selling, sub-licensing, and/or otherwise commercializing the App;
  • Using the App or any of the information in illegal or unlawful activities;
  • Publicly performing and/or showing any App material;
  • Using this App in any way that is, or maybe, damaging to this App;
  • Using this App in any way that impacts user access to this App;
  • Using this App contrary to applicable laws and regulations, or in a way that causes, or may cause, harm to the App, or to the App Owner or any person or organization;
  • Engaging in any data mining, data harvesting, data extracting, or any other similar activity in relation to this App, or while using this App; And
  • Using this App to engage in any advertising or marketing; 


All information gathered by the App shall be treated as confidential. This App uses personal information - whether considered sensitive or not, as defined under Section 3 of the Data Privacy Act of 2012, and non-personal information to the extent necessary to comply with the requirements of the laws and legal processes, including orders of governmental agencies, courts, and tribunals; to comply with a legal obligation; or to prevent imminent harm to public security, safety, or order.

When required by the App’s Data Privacy Policy and the laws, and before the App uses or processes User’s data for any other purpose, the App will secure the User’s consent. The App Owner shall use the information provided by the User in accordance with the processes in Sections 12 and 13 of the Data Privacy Act of 2012.


In no event shall the App Owner nor any of its officers, directors, and employees, be liable to you for breaches arising out of or in any way connected with your use of this App, whenever such use is contrary to these terms and conditions and the App Owner, including its officers, directors, and employees shall not be liable for any indirect, consequential or special liability arising out of or in any way related to your use of this App, not in accordance to these terms.


The App Owner is permitted to revise these Terms at any time as it sees fit, and by using this App you are expected to review such Terms on a regular basis to ensure you understand all terms and conditions governing the use of this App.


If you have any questions pertaining to this App or any of the Terms and Conditions contained herein, please get in touch with the App Owner at DICT Building C.P Garcia Ave., Diliman, Quezon City Philippines 1101, and contact us at [email protected]

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